Blog from Ron

Day 3

Today we took several of the kids from the Miriam Center to the beach. As the anticipation was building for our departure, I will forever remember one of the non ambulatory boys (Joshua) making eye contact with me and starting to crawl towards me with his arms outstretched. His sweet eyes spoke these words, “I want to go. Will you carry me to the tap tap and be my friend for the day?”
The excitement that the kids showed simply to be going on a ride much less the beach was simple and precious. While at the beach the kids’ fun-filled spirits were on full display. They had a blast splashing, digging in the sand and pouring buckets of water on each other and the adults. We all had a blast.
I found it amazing the amount of faith that these kids place in us and the other adults that care for their needs. I was one of several that had the honor carrying a kiddo to the beach. Simple faith was on display by each of these kiddos that we were going to safely deliver them to the final destination. It is the very same faith and trust that I believe that God is challenging me to have towards Him. He wants me to trust Him and believe that He will take care of me and be my Spiritual Father.
I am going to close by sharing how our trip ended. Joshua, and I reached the tap-tap (truck) nearly before all the others. As the rest of the party climbed up onto the back of the tap-tap, Joshua reached out and grasped the arms of both kids and adults. What a sweet picture of the love God wants us all to grasp. -Ron

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