A Blog From Bethany

Wow, what to say. Well, we made it to Haiti safely and in one piece after days of traveling. I have a new appreciation for people who travel all the time. Patience is definitely mandatory. Thankfully I have a wonderful team who enjoy laughing. Haiti reminds me of living in Cameroon. When I close my eyes, the smell takes me back to Africa. I am so amazed at the warmth and love that has been poured out to us from the moment we arrived. Up until today my team has been chillin’ with the orphans at the Miriam Center. There are special needs orphans as well as elderly people who have outlived their families who live here. These people have such a desire to feel love and be loved. Love is something I take for granted and thinking that there are people who want it and can’t get it is something I have never seen. Thankfully the Miriam Center is a wonderful place where the least of us are cared for and loved.
Today I worked in sterile processing. I have a whole new respect for surgery in developing countries. The docs are not high maintenance at all, at least for the week. Today a tongue depressor was used as the other half of an army/nave set during a hernia surgery. How awesome it that? And it worked great. Tomorrow is a trip to Tortuga. Blog later.
Love and Kisses,

4 thoughts on “A Blog From Bethany

  1. Hi Sweet Girl Bethany,
    I have the biggest smile on my face. I cannot wait to hear all about your trip. This blog is so cool and it’s really neat to hear the stories and get a feel of where you are and what you are doing. I’m so happy that you got to work in the surgery area cause I know you really wanted to do that. It sounds like you might have a new idea for Rocky Mtn to use!
    God bless you and your entire team. It won’t be easy to get one of those sweet children in your suitcase to bring home but they will have you in their hearts forever!

  2. Dear Bethany…………….so happy to see you in your element. You have so much love to give and I am sure everyone you are around is taking advantage of all your many talents. I am sure the time is going fast for you but I am sure you are taking advantage of every opportunity to be a blessing! Love to you my dear heart….Mama

  3. Hello dear Bethany! How exciting – you are getting to use your special talents. I’m not sure what an army/navy is but you can show me when you get home. The stories of all the children are so precious. Your work family continue to lift you up in prayer for health, safety and continued ministry to these beautiful children of God. Jeff sends his good wishes. He said he wanted to send you a snowball he scooped up from Evergreen (who got an inch today) to help you cool off! When I read your comparison of Haiti to Cameroon and Dana’s description of her experiences it created such a real understanding of your experiences; that for a moment I was transported to Haiti with you. MORE PLEASE! and MORE PICTURES PLEASE! Everyone sends their love and good wishes.Can’t wait to hear about Tortuga! Love to all – from all of us! Judy, Jeff and everyone at Rocky

  4. Hi Bethany! Have been following your adventures since Saturday…..Russ too! It sounds amazing. What you are doing will change your life and the lives of others forever. What an amazing blessing. Who knew tongue depressors were so versatile! Be safe and know I realize how spoiled and lucky we are here in the US. Love ya! Penny

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