Day 4 – Dane

This morning, I was privileged to watch firsthand two of God’s children undergo surgery.  It was incredibly powerful and moving.

First up was Den Den.  He had a cyst behind his left ear that bothered him and so it was being removed.  As he walked through the doors into the OR, he had a nervous smile.  His smile is one of the most warm, goofy and touching smiles you’ll see.  He’s adorable and yet, I can only imagine the fear and confusion he must have had walking into a strange room, laying on a strange table and seeing all sorts of strange instruments around him.  Before he knows it, the gas mask goes on and he’s out.  The doctors jump in, hook up the IV, track his vitals and start the operation.  It lasted only 11 minutes, but those 11 minutes that impacted me more than years and years of living.  I hardly know Den Den, but he’s precious and has such a beautiful heart and seeing him in the OR, I felt like that was my son on the surgery table being operated on.  I got to look over the doc’s shoulder and watch as the cyst was removed, the wound cauterized, and then cut being sutured up.  I was amazed…fascinated really how skilled and knowledgeable the doctors and nurses are…such life giving hands, truly.

We then moved Den Den over to the gurney and wheeled him into recovery.  I got to sit there with him, holding his hand, rubbing his chest and just talking to him as he slowly woke up, not wanting to leave his side.  His eyes opened trying to focus and make sense of the foreign room he was in and the pain in his neck. .  The momma’s came in to check on him and you could see the love in their eyes…tearing up knowing the pain he was in…and not being able to do anything about it.  It doesn’t seem to make sense, a child so pure and innocent having to endure such pain.

As he came to, the vitals normalized out and he woke up “right as rain.”  Having stomached a cup of water and being alert and functioning, he was discharged.  I was privileged to get to carry him back to his “home” where he got to lay in bed for a while, listen to music and just take it easy.  Like I said, I hardly know Den Den, but in the few hours we shared, I felt like a father wanting to care for my child; my heart broke for him knowing he was in pain. For the first time in a while, my heart broke the way God’s heart breaks for his children…all of his children.

This evening, just after dinner, it poured down rain and all of the kids were outside playing around and sure enough, there was Den Den, dancing in the rain! God is a God of love…a protector, a healer, a lover.

After Den Den’s surgery, I got to watch another surgery for Tamara.  Her surgery was significantly more intense involving her hips, knees, and feet.  She is in recovery, but I know she is in a lot of pain…I pray for God’s mercy in her healing and for His grace…may she know his love and presence now more than ever in the midst of her confusion and pain.  With this surgery, she’ll be able to walk better and have a greater range of motion, but she doesn’t know that yet…all she knows is she woke up with her two legs in full casts, wondering what’s the next step.  I can’t wait to see her walking with her usual joy…I only pray it is soon!

One thought on “Day 4 – Dane

  1. What a fabulous few days! I love hearing all about it from different perspectives. Thank you all for writing and sharing. I feel like I am right there with you hold Den Den’s hands. From a mom who has a child who has undergone more than two dozen surgical procedures, I know how important your job was today, all of you have held hands, prayed and stayed by their side! It is beautiful to ‘read’ and watch from afar. Praying continually for each of you!

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