Day 3 by Caroline

Well here I am in Haiti! I have only been here for 2 full days and it has already been an experience and to think I still have this week to go! I can only imagine how I will be feeling by the end of this trip!! The travel I feel went really well and the 7hr bus drive from the airport to St. Louis De Nord was not as bad as I thought it would be, just a good ole tire change before we left and about an hour stop to do other repairs (not sure what needed fixed at that time!) but we made it safe and sound to our final destination. Thank you Lord! On the drive I just could not look away at all I was seeing and just trying to take it all in. The driving here is crazy! Does not seem to bother anyone when a bus going 60mph is headed right at you then it swerves just in time not to hit anyone or anything or a cow! Yes we seriously drove right between to cows (barely) that would not move out of the way, or a child running on the side of the street with no parental supervision was a little unreal for me since I ALWAYS yell at Cortney to not play or ride bikes in the street where we live. The team of ladies I am with our super cool and nice!! 🙂
Today we got to meet all the children of the Miriam Center and have church service with them! It was really cool to hear the Mommas of the center praise, worship, and read scripture in Haitian Creole while i was holding a beautiful child (her name is Hope) in my arms on the floor singing praises in her ear. 🙂 After service we helped the mommas feed all the children. I got the pleasure to feed T-Willy and found out right away we have something in common…giggling!! It was so funny and cute and I kept telling him he was just like me!! We then took a tour of the campus which is very big with A LOT going!! Toward the end of the tour we got to meet the section where they care for the elderly and my heart just grew right away for them!! (Chris you were right!) Everyone there was soooooo nice and sweet I didn’t want to leave, I shook hands and said hello to everyone there and I got kisses and smiles back! LOVED IT!! I will definitely be spending some time with them this week. My teammate Jessica and I plan the next time we go she will bring her guitar! Can’t wait to see what happens then!
I have been praising God over and over everywhere I go! I just still cant believe I am here!! He is so GOOD and loving! I miss my family and friends but I am so glad I am here for such a great experience! Thank you Lord!!

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