Days 1 and 2 Outreach at the Mission by Edie

Edie, Caitlin and some of their new friends on the hike back from an outreach families house, way up in the mountains!

Edie, Caitlin and some of their new friends on the hike back from an outreach families house, way up in the mountains!

Today is actually day 2 in Haiti with yesterday being entirely spent in travel. We flew into Haiti early Friday am and waited a few hours at the airport for another plane with additional travelers to land. We then took a bus across the island of Haiti to the Mission where we are staying for the week. The bus ride was about a 7 1/2 hour adventure. We saw a lot of the countryside, typical towns and living environments, as well as beautiful rivers and ocean views. While it was a long day and a bumpy, dusty ride (windows open), it was an awesome way to experience the country.

Today we spent the day working with Autumn in the outreach program for children with special needs that she has developed here at the Mission. About 25 families traveled by foot or about 45 minutes on a tap-tap bus to spend the day and receive walkers to take home. We were able to provide parents a period of respite babysitting the children while the parents met with Autumn. They selected the finishing touches for their walkers (fabulous cloth seats and pillows),completed a sewing project, and had a time of worship. We then helped put the walkers together and fit them for each child and were able to spend great time in interacting with the families. We had lunch together and then helped in transporting kids and equipment to the tap-tap and for those who were within walking distance to their homes. What an eye opener to carry children through rocky pathways and streets, up steep hills, and for some a long distance. We realized that these families do this every day, Children with developmental delays are beginning to receive the services they need by coming to the Miriam Center and the outreach program has grown to such an extent that there is a waiting list. It is amazing to see God’s work being carried out and the hope and change provided to these children and their families. We are all tired, but feel inspired and blessed to have been a part of this day!

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