A post by Caitlin



Today was the first weekday we were here, which means we were able to really get a feel for how the mission works on a day to day basis! It is such a blessing to see how God has called each of the Miriam Center (MC) staff to be the “hands and feet of Christ” as they serve the children. Even more evident, is the image of God in each of the children. They find contentment and satisfaction in simplicity, have joy and smiles that light up a room, and truly show what it means to have a childlike faith.
Following morning devotionals and breakfast, our team split duties to help around campus. My mom and myself were able to partake in the incredible therapy programs that Autumn has been able to set up for both the MC kids as well as outreach kids in the community. It was a really neat experience to be able to co-treat with my mom for some of the kids, and to bounce various treatment ideas off of Autumn. (And we were able to get a second stander put together after much tinkering, so that some of the younger kids can take advantage of weight bearing!) The stories of progress these precious kids have made over the years of therapy received is really incredible. One of the most evident things seen when treating these kids is they have an insane tolerance for treatment. When treating Steven, he put in such hard work for an hour and a half session (that’s really long!) and when his legs were spasming he let us stretch them out without crying or any sign of complaint. He is SO determined to be able to walk independently!
Here are a few ways you can be in prayer for us tomorrow:
1) We will be taking along some of the MC kids to the beach tomorrow! Pray that it will be a fun time of getting off campus and experiencing sand/water for them. Pray for strength as tomorrow will be a long and busy day in the sun for all of us!
2) In the afternoon we will be doing home visits and will have the opportunity to share the Gospel and how God sees disability. Pray for open hearts to receive the Gospel and open eyes to hear how precious their children are in God’s eyes though this country may not understand or see it.
3) Pray for the physical healing for many of the children and staff that are sick from the Chickanunga virus that has been going around Haiti.

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