Thursday from Caitlin & Edie

Hello again!
Today was our last full day in Haiti and I think the two words that our team would use to describe us is tired, but filled. We spent the day in multiple capacities with therapy provided by some of us in the morning while others spent time shopping in the market for gifts to provide the Miriam Center staff at a party. In the afternoon we were able to work with 5 outreach families as well as to take some of the Miriam Center kids on an outing riding motos (motorcycles with a Haitian driver). One group went with 8 of the kiddos on a long ride to a beautiful remote beach, while another group took 8 of the more involved children on a shorter ride into town where we ate ice cream at the “One Stop.” This evening we were able to provide a party to the Miriam Center staff (about 35 in attendance) with games, dinner, and t-shirts plus a small gift. Another group of volunteers watched the kids so that the evening staff could attend the party. The staff is amazing in their love and care for the children, and it was so fun to see them have an evening of fellowship, laughter, and relaxation. Yes, we are all tired, but feeling so blessed and fulfilled with life!
Half our team will be heading back to Port au Prince tomorrow, with the rest of us following the next day. Pray for safe travels and ability to process our thoughts and feelings upon returning to the states!

In Christ,
Edie and Caitlin

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