From Brooke

WOW, what a team! Erin, Laura and I keep talking about how awesome this team has been. They have just really exceeded all expectations and have just been such a blessing. When there is a need they jump right in. When prayer is needed, they are prayerful. When a mama needs help with meal time they are there with a spoon in hand. When painting needs done, they have a brush. When someone needs a wheelchair, they are there to build one. When repairs are needed, they are there with hammers. Honestly this team is the hands and feet of Christ. They are being molded more and more to be like Him, in that they are always there. Just like Christ promises to be there for us and to meet our every need, this team has allowed Christ to work through them to meet so many needs here in Haiti at the Miriam Center and within the community. Feeling so blessed and humbled to work alongside such servants. We thank you all for your continued prayers.

Love and miss you!

Brooke Taflinger (Indiana Team Leader)

Day 3 from Chris

Today was a good day. We got to go to the beach with 20 of the children with special needs and had an exciting and very tiring time. I got to have some fantastic one on one time with Owen and Isaac at the beach and during the bumpy tap tap ride through the town and and hillside. It was a beautiful ride in the back of the truck and holding onto the kids. It was their first time to the beach in years. We then came back to the mission and were so tired, but had a quick lunch and Ron and I were able to put together another lawn chair wheel chair and then as the team returned from the village, we went down to visit with the elderly members of the community and listened to a jam out session, built another wheel chair, and even had a little helper come from the Miriam Center come and help fasten a few wheels and secure a bolt or two. It was fun being with the kids, but made me miss my daughter Cortney even more. I cant wait to Continue reading

Day 3 from Mickey

Hi my name is Mickey Dickey and this is my first time in Haiti…I am overwhelmed in a very good way.  God has opened my heart and eyes to a lot of things here, but I’m still trying to process all of it right now.  Day three was a field trip for the children in the Miriam Center, which I’m told is their first trip to the beach in 3 years.  We arrived in the morning downstairs immediately after lunch and the children were all ready to go…even though they hadn’t even eaten breakfast, lol.  After a little waiting, we all climbed into the back of the tap tap and we were off…the children loved being out in the open air and God’s presence was surely felt as they closed their eyes and smiled in their hearts.  The children had an amazing time at the beach and so did we.  I can’t wait to see  what God has in store for the rest of our trip. 


P.s.  I’m currently arguing in my head over which child in the Miriam Center has the best smile…it changes every time one of them smiles.  

Saturday’s Thoughts from Chris

Oct 13th I went to bed early last night, about 8:30, slept till, about… I don’t know when. Maybe an hour before sunrise. Time has a different meaning here. Clean water is more valuable to carry around than a cell phone with a clock. There is enough water to go around, but lets keep it that way… no bucket showers yet, so the rule is if it’s yellow let it mellow. The sounds at night are interesting. There is a lot of noise through out the night on the hillside, including a early rooster at around 1am. There is simply a saturation that I have felt, I can’t tell if it’s just the humidity or spiritual warfare afoot, but a heavy feeling in Haiti, noticed it when I got off the plane. I am feeling much better than last night. As we talked as a team last night, we almost all felt overwhelmed and beat tired, but a good rest last night really helped. I was blessed to attend service on Sunday. The Pastor spoke the Word with passion, all in Haitian. I loved the worship, a bold sound from Holy Spirit filled women. The service lasted a little over 2 hours with more church family time after. It was a day of Christ, not just an hour. I got to build some makeshift wheelchairs today out of plastic lawn chairs… it went really well. I believe we have a really strong team here and are working together on a lot of projects, and God is doing amazing things through us. I miss my wife and daughter very much. I have a picture of them in my bible and have pulled it out during each quite time. Power stays on till about 9:30, so I’ve kept my phone going to take pics. I prayed over a blind woman today after church service. I said bonjour, and she took my hands and put them on her eyes and said a prayer. So I did, boldly, as she asked boldly. There is so much more to say, but I’ll share more soon. Please pray for energy, peace, and the Holy Spirit to continue to move. Yesterday was really overwhelming and hard, today was a inspiration and purposeful, but tomorrow is His!        

A Message from Erin Drescher

Hey folks! Just wanted to write to you all and let you know that I am absolutely impressed with everyone on the team. We have a wonderful crew here that is digging right in a loving on the kids at the Miriam Center to well. I am thankful to God that He has called each of them on this trip! Ron has been a blessing to watch interact with the kids. He also worked so hard getting the wheelchair he brought down put together. The joy he had when watching Walden sit in it with a HUGE grin on his face was beautiful! Leah has hopped right in to feeding the kids and getting to know the mommas. She has a true heart to serve and does it out of such a beautiful heart. Dane and Chris took on the project of putting some lawnchair wheelchairs together…. Without instructions… (typical men). But really, much assembly required and no manual. They whipped it out in about 30 minutes and went on to put about 5 more together. They were quite the duo and did a fabulous job! Erin Finnegan was a superstar during Miriam Center church this morning. She had a ton of kids climbing on Continue reading

Sunday Update from Erin Finnegan!

Erin Finnegan from the Indiana team blogging tonight- 2nd day into the mission and everything is moving right along. The kids are SO happy to see everyone, and they are so open and loving and I am just amazed with them myself. We unpacked all the supplies today and divided it all up and moved most of it into a room for now. Took a few hours, but with awesome team effort, we knocked it out! We joined the kids for church this morning and just to sing along with them, see them laugh, smile, and just over all their excitement is truly amazing! We also got a quick tour of the facility here and saw how the medical team is organizing and prepping for surgeries. We do have the opportunity to sit in on a surgery if we desire. Tomorrow, we are taking some of the kids to the beach to play for a few hours in the morning, so we are all looking forward to that as well. Please continue to pray for our mission, the team, our health, and safe travels to and from the beach tomorrow. Xoxo from Haiti!!

Travel days from Dane (written last night, posted tonight!)

It’s a warm, humid evening.  Rain drops tap on the trees and pavement below.  An occasional breeze accompanied by children’s voices singing praise in unison with the occasional harmonizing third (in French of course…which, of course, being the Francophile that I am, makes me so happy).  I sit here enjoying quite possibly the most refreshing ice cold coca-cola fresh out of the glass bottle and stop and think about everything we’ve seen in the last 48 hours…

It’s been a very long day…well, two actually, but for our purposes, it’s felt like one long day.  We met at 11 in the morning on Friday at the Denver airport, checked 14 carefully weighed 50+ pound bags, four assistive devices, and a large, heavy stander.  Through security, we boarded with our carry-ons and off we went to Dallas.  First leg of the trip done.

Four hours in the Dallas airport, a nice hearty meal, some good laughs (#lolololololololololololol #yesthatsaninsidejoke) and then it was off to Fort Lauderdale.  Second leg of the trip done.

One night at the airport sleeping on the floor as the janitors race Continue reading

Everyone arrived in Port-au-Prince

Indy team photo

Colorado Team

Colorado Team Photo

“The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.” Psalm 145:8

Prices of airline tickets were outrageous this year. In order to have a decent priced fare, the team had to sacrifice sleep. Each team has multiple legs to get into Haiti, sleeping at airports instead of finding a nearby hotel. Both teams are safe in Port-au Prince. They are waiting at the smaller airport down the road for a chartered flight, 45 minutes flying low over Haiti and up to Port-au-Paix. An hour long tap-tap ride after that they should be on campus for time to set up tents, get settled in and rest a bit.

Supplies and Upgrades

When a mission team takes off they are bringing in more than anticipation!  We typically have each traveler loaded down with 100 pounds or more of supplies, therapy equipment and care packages for the missionaries and staff.

Collecting the supplies is always a blessings.  We are blessed by so many of you who come across wheelchairs, standers, walkers, AFO’s, clothes, diapers, formula etc… and bring them to our office.  The process of packing each bag to weigh exactly 50 pounds and disassembling equipment, taking to airport, weighting, checking, praying  the airlines will allow us to walk in some of the bulkier chairs and walkers is a very time consuming endeavor

Yesterday at the airport the Colorado team was extremely blessed.  Two of the bags were very over weight and one of the team members was given a complimentary upgrade to first class in order for those two bags to get in without extra charges.  Hey, -No-one is ever going to complain about a roomier seat and yummy food while in flight!  There was also a BIG DEAL made over one of the donated walkers , and some technical fixes were quickly made so that it was allowed on!


Two Mission Teams Leave for Haiti today

Milestones are fun to record.  Today we are noting two of them!

The first is for GROWTH and duplication for Kimmy’s House mission trips.  We have two teams departing for Haiti today.  A team from Colorado and a team from Indiana.  Brooke Taflinger, following a whisper from God, found herself on a KH mission trip to Haiti a year ago this month.  Upon her return God kept pursing her to do more.  After seeking Him, and sharing many phone conversations with the KH staff, she found herself writing a volunteer-position job description as a KH special needs advocate and missions trip leader.

(Attention future mission trippers…you have been warned.  On our first team mission trip to Haiti in 2010, God called Stephanie Mosier  to return to Haiti FULLTIME!)

Brooke is bringing her team of eight from Indiana and meeting up with the Colorado team co-lead by Laura and Erin.  With all these amazing leaders, Shannon is staying home sick and at peace about the decision because of her full confidence in God calling all three of these terrific women for this purpose.

Please keep the teams in your prayers for the next week.

Our second milestone is Continue reading

MPSL13: thoughts from a week “after”


Hi readers,

This is “Bulls-eye” aka Shannon posting.

Congratulations to Dave and Jessica for correctly answering the TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE QUIZ.  questions.

Thank you to all who prayed the KH team back home.  We left Sierra Leone a week ago, and after 32+ hours of travel arrived home late on Tuesday evening.  It has meant a lot that my team and I were carried by many of your prayers and entering into the throne room of grace on our behalf.

Organizationally the trip was successful and we were able to see many people, organizations and places in Freetown that are a part of disability care and special needs care.  There are not many options available to people with special needs.

  • Please pray for God to give specific direction and clarity as to if/when and how HE wants KH to have a presence in Freetown.
  • If He gives us a Purpose, pray for qualified therapist, teachers and medical teams to volunteer to travel..
  • Speaking the TRUTH of God’s image to others, and the spiritual warfare over cultural and spiritual beliefs pertaining to (what SL calls) “demon” children will be a covered in LIGHT and that God’s presence will be with those that advocate and love ALL people, created in His image.  That those that travel will be LIFE givers and TRUTH seekers so that false beliefs will diminish and be covered by the blood of Jesus.

The biggest heartbreak for me was the lack of options available to people in poverty.  One day our team went to see the Children’s Hospital.  This was a hard day for me in many ways.  The Ola During Hospital for Children and TRS (The Raining Season, whom we traveled with and stayed in their guest houses) have a partnership Continue reading

MPSL13 notes from Brianna

“May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face shine upon us, that your ways may be known on earth, Your salvation among All nations. May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the people’s praise you. May the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you rule over the peoples justly and guide the nations of the earth.” Psalm 67

This was my prayer for our week in Sierra Leone, and the Lord more than heard my cry.

I don’t know why I am still surprised when I leave a trip feeling more blessed by those I met than feeling like I ever-blessed others. This is the Lord being so gracious. It is a humbling opportunity to get to go on a trip and share gifts the Lord has given us, but far more humbling to be surrounded by African women and ‘Aunties’ who are abundantly rich Continue reading